Do you ever obsess over celebrities and how they never age and as years go by, they appear younger and younger with heads full of bouncy and healthy hair? You must have seen before and after pictures of celebrities that highlight the surgical work they have done, and hair transplants are top of the list of changes that celebrities make to retain youthful and glamorous looks. Well, you must be wondering such a level of transformation cannot be accessible or affordable, but you are wrong.  If you have looked into hair transplant surgeries in countries like the US, UK, Europe, etc, but find the price abhorrently high, then you should consider getting a hair transplant in Shanghai where you get the same standards at an affordable price. More specifically, getting a hair transplant in Shanghai must be on top of your list.

Shanghai is one of the world’s top businesses and cultural centers where all Fortune 500 companies have headquarters. This along with the cultural and historical sites add to the richness of this city and many travels for business and leisure as Shanghai no doubt is the epicenter of many attractions. Because of its global status, Shanghai is a great place to find top-standard cosmetic and hair transplant options.  If you are experiencing hair loss and live in Shanghai or want to visit Shanghai, you are on the correct track to achieving a transformational look because Shanghai offers the best hair transplant choices accessible in both China and abroad. To make it even easier for you, we recommend you visit the Hair Restoration Hospital China, a leading practice that has been in the hair restoration industry for the past two decades with an impressive clientele.

what is Hair Growth Cycle and Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is ubiquitous across all ethnicities, races, ages, and genders, although some individuals experience may more intense hair loss than others. Human hair follows a cycle referred to as a hair growth cycle that consists of three phases: anagen (growth), catagen (transition), and telogen (rest). This lasts for different durations and could last for months or years depending on individuals. In the anagen period hair grows rapidly, then in the catagen phase hair growth takes a pause for roughly 10 days, following that in the telogen phase, hair is shed excessively. This cycle continues that involves natural shedding and regrowth of hair. However, for various genetic, lifestyle, and other reasons, the telogen phase last longer or is more intense making hair regrowth slow or ineffective. In such cases, hair loss may become a concern and can result in a receding hairline, baldness, and patchy hair on the head and scalp. When hair loss is genetic it is referred to as Androgenic alopecia i.e., it runs in families. Both men and women can suffer from genetic hair loss, but men are more affected by it.  Furthermore, hair loss can occur as a result of medication, hormonal imbalance, and lifestyle decisions such as excessive hair styling.

Nevertheless, hair restoration is a permanent answer to hair loss problems.  In our Hair Restoration Hospital in China, anyone with hair concerns can benefit from a hair transplant in Shanghai. At our Shanghai hospital, our hair specialist will transform your looks at our state-of-the-art facility. All you need to do is book a free consultation and let our hair experts do their magic! Here are a few benefits of getting a hair transplant at our hospital in Shanghai.

Benefits of Hair Transplant in Shanghai

The Hair Restoration Hospital China is an internationally certified and recognized practice endorsed by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), which is the Global institute that overlooks the hair transplant industry, methods, and practices internationally. This implies that our hospital maintains global standards in hair transplant and ensures that a hair transplant in Shanghai is as top-tier as one in Chicago, Hongkong London, or Istanbul.

Moreover, as a long-standing hospital with over 2 decades of experience, Hair Restorative Hospitals China has highly qualified hair experts that have mastered hair restoration procedures and are dedicated to improving hair transplant methods. Proof of this is the implanter pen technology that has transformed how hair transplants are done and the results that they yield. This seamless method uses tiny precision needles that ensure implanted grafts mimic natural hair lines, enabling the doctor to control the density and direction that results in a fuller look. the point is no matter which hair transplant procedure you opt for or our esteemed doctors suggest, you will get healthier and permanent hair regeneration in Shanghai.

 Further, our hair transplant in Shanghai caters to a wide range of clientele. It does not matter if you need a minor scar treatment or eyebrow transplant or looking for transformative hair regeneration in the hairline or balding scalp. We assist in all types of hair transplant. In addition, there are many nonsurgical hair treatment options that can give a boost to your hair like deep scalp cleansing, scalp tests, phototherapy, etc.  Come and benefit from our exciting offers.

Hair Transplant Shanghai cost

Despite its global status and home to top business, the price range for a hair transplant in Shanghai is quite affordable. The standard of hair transplants is delivered at half the price you may pay in top hair restoration practices in the US, UK, Europe, and so on. So what is unique and appealing about hair transplants at our hospital is the ‘Hair Transplant Shanghai cost’.

To begin with, the price per hair transplant surgery is determined by the type of procedure, number of grafts, and number of hair experts working on a single procedure. Therefore, all prices are tailored. Nonetheless, a standard hair transplant can cost up to $ 3000 to 6,000 in Shanghai. In such a standard procedure approximately 3500-4500 grafts are used and as the number of grafts increases, so does the price. The point is the price is set in a very reasonable way so our clients can get permanent hair transplants without breaking the bank. 

Hair transplant in shanghai
Hair transplant in shanghai cost
cost of Hair transplant in shanghai

Lastly, if still you are not convinced to travel to China and Shanghai and worry about the cost, you should not. The horrible stories regarding surgery fraud in Asian countries that you may have heard are accurate, but they are not the norm. People usually travel to shady sites to save money, which results in such terrifying stories. As a result, it is critical to conduct research and visit a well-known establishment in Shanghai. The Hair Restorative Hospital China is a well-known name in Shanghai that can be relied on for hair transplant surgery. The standards, level of experience, available options, and pricing points are all very enticing. So don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity to enjoy a hair transplant in Shanghai.

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