Is a hair transplant painful? Since the assumption is beauty comes at a price, it is fair to say a hair transplant surgery may be uncomfortable but it is never painful. So a simple response to the question of whether a hair transplant surgery would hurt is NO. A hair transplant surgery is not painful because a patient is under anaesthesia which numbs the pain induced during the surgery. 

A hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery where healthy hair follicles are extracted, harvested, and implanted in the affected areas for hair regeneration. Since it involves surgery and tools, it can cause discomfort but nothing unbearable. Hair experts with skills carry out the surgery which means discomfort is kept at a minimum using local anaesthesia so there is only a dull discomfort that can be experienced temporarily during and after surgery.  If you are considering a hair transplant surgery for thin hair or a balding head, but are worried if the pain is unbearable, we are here to assure you it is usually a painless operation. Let us explain to you what a hair transplant surgery is, the process of hair transplant surgery, and dispel any concerns you might have regarding pain during a hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant Surgical Methods and Pain Level

Hair regeneration is a cosmetic and surgical process of extracting healthy hair follicles from a donor area, usually the back and sides of the head. These extracted hair follicles and hair grafts are harvested and prepared to be implanted in the recipient area i.e., crown or receding hairline in the scalp. To carry out hair restoration, hair experts have developed different techniques and tools to maximise the results of hair transplant surgery. Here are some of the most popular hair transplant methods and how they are performed. 

Does a Hair transplant cause pain during a FUT Method?

FUT and FUE are the most commonly used surgical methods that have yielded successful results for many people across the globe. These methods are used for the removal of healthy hair follicles and using them for hair growth in balding and thin areas. 

A follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or the strip extraction method involves taking out a strip of hair from the donor area and then harvesting it for healthy follicles. The surgical procedure involves using sharp tools to get a precise strip of hair. 

hair transplant painful

This is performed under local anaesthesia. Throughout the procedure, it is very unlikely that a patient will experience any pain. There might be mild pain but there is nothing to worry about. This is because the surgery is performed under local anaesthesia so the surgery area is numb. Further, the surgery is performed by highly skilled hair experts who are precise in their skills so they artfully extract the hair strip without much tear and force. From this strip of hair, healthy grafts are harvested and implanted. Skills experts try to make this surgery as comfortable as possible.  Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)  is a hair surgery where individual grafts are extracted and harvested. Usually. Again, it is performed under local anaesthesia and surgical precision to minimise the pain.

Is a Hair Transplant Painful when using a Microneedle Hair Transplant Method?

The Microneedle Hair transplant method is a surgical procedure of extracting hair follicles using a very fine needle-like precision pen. Like a needle, it pinches and leaves tiny and invisible scars. Because of its precision and less pain impact, it is preferred by many hair transplant experts. Again it is performed under local anaesthesia, therefore,  it is painless. Hair experts will make the process as comfortable as possible throughout the surgery. 

Pain During a Hair Transplant Surgery 

Hair transplant surgeries last up to several hours. On average it may take five to eight hours to perform a hair transplant surgery. The duration of surgery depends on a number of factors including the number of grafts required and the area covered during a surgery.  The process of extracting and implanting grafts is delicate and time-consuming resulting in more surgery time.

This can cause slight discomfort during the surgery because it requires keeping the head still and patiently waiting for the surgeons to perform their magic. Since it’s all done under medically induced anaesthesia, there is no pain. There will be some redness and scars but with time they will go away. 

Anaesthesia can be local or general anaesthesia or sedation anaesthesia. These make a patient drowsy during surgery so no pain is felt. A good anaesthesia numbs the area for up to 8 to 10 hours. Even after the surgery, you may not feel anything for up to several hours. Of course, each patient has a different pain threshold and reaction to anaesthesia but don’t worry doctors are there to take care of any concerns you might have. 

During the consultation, a hair expert will explain the entire process and answer any queries you might have regarding anaesthesia, pain, or the duration of the surgery. If you have any medical conditions like a reaction to anaesthesia, you must disclose it honestly so the surgery is performed without any hiccups.

 Is the Recovery Process Painful?  

The surgery area after a hair transplant may be numb until the anaesthesia fades away completely. After surgery, there may be dull pain and slight discomfort like throbbing, etc, but nothing too unbearable. Within a few days and a week’s time, this goes away. Pain after hair transplantation is not unbearable, maybe a little discomfort will be there, but not too unbearable so relax and get ready for new healthy and bouncy hair. 

A Hair Transplant is usually performed by experts who take the medical history of the client and perform it with the best industry standards. A hair transplant journey can be daunting but well-trained staff and best practices put a client at ease. 

hair transplant painful

A hair restoration surgery is a permanent solution to hair loss problems and often FUT and FUE hair transplants have been successful in regenerating hair on different types of hair. Transplanted hair looks natural and seamless, which is why people across the globe opt for one or the other hair transplant procedure. 


Is it Painful to get a hair transplant?

No, a hair transplant is not hurtful. Pain threshold differs from person to person, but generally, the discomfort during and after surgery is very low. because a  patient is under local anaesthetic so the surgery area is numb. You will not experience any pain during the procedure. Any discomfort during the procedure will be temporary and manageable

How long does a hair transplant hurt?

Local anaesthesia or sedation anaesthesia is used to numb the area and then a hair transplant surgery is performed. Generally, the effects of anaesthesia last for eight to ten hours and sometimes longer. so the area is numb. Since a hair transplant is a surgery, there may be slight discomfort, numbness, and tightness in the affected areas which will fade away gradually. Usually within a week, this discomfort fades away. 

How painful is a hair transplant after surgery?

Usually, there is no excruciating pain. but if you feel any pain that is over the usual threshold,  consult your doctor and reach out to a hair expert. They will try to see what is the cause and remedy it. But we promise you will not feel any pain after a week. 

Can I take a painkiller to minimise the pain?

Yes, pain killers work to minimise any potential pain.  

How Long Does it Take to heal after a hair transplant operation?

Normally it takes a week or 10 days to fully recover from a hair restoration procedure.  Of course, recovery and healing vary from one person to another, but the redness and swelling go fairly quickly, so within a week you will be back to normal. After three months and a year, you can enjoy natural-looking hair. 
 A few days after the procedure, go for a follow-up so your surgeon will use tools to see how the progress is and if there is anything to worry about like infections, etc. 
If you have balding hair and hair falls uncontrollably and you may have Alopecia, then book a consultation at a hair expert hospital or at a hair transplant clinic and discuss various hair transplantation methods. To sum it all up, hair transplant pain is very low and any pain and discomfort is manageable. 

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