In the years gone by, people from different cultures and societies relied on nature especially herbs, trees, and plants for various reasons including preventive and corrective medication. It is no wonder that there is a plethora of kitchen remedies for hair growth and strength across cultures that are used for various purposes. When it comes to Chinese Herbs For Hair Growth, there too are local practices and popular rituals that are claimed to help in strengthening hair and growing hair. These include oiling hair with oils like Argan oil, Coconut oil, Rosemary, and others oils. Some emphasize using onion water and rinsing with vinegar etc. Moreover, other myths and beliefs also exist like combing hair 100 times is believed to aid in increasing hair growth.  Also, scalp massages, dying with henna, and tying hair in a particular way are some hair practices that people follow across the world to get good hair. The common factor among all this is that people in different cultures care a great deal about hair and have discovered ways to improve hair quality, vitality, and growth. Even with the advent of modern medicine and advanced hair treatment methods such as hair transplants, natural remedies are still popular. In Chinese Medicine, there are numerous methods, techniques, and herbs used to improve hair. If you are interested in learning about Chinese Medicine and how you can use Chinese Herbs For Hair Growth, then this blog is a perfect starting point.

Chinese Medicine

Before getting into hair loss treatments in Chinese medicine, it is wise to learn a few things about Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) was developed thousand of years back in what is now Mainland China that used numerous raw materials to extract medicinal elements.  These raw substances were extracted from animals, humans, fungi, minerals, and plants and developed into recipes to treat different ailments. Among these herbs are also used for medicinal purposes. Although there is no scientific proof if and how such traditional practices are effective, they are very popular among people even today. The popularity is such that, modern science often tries to explore how traditional herbal medicine could be developed into modern medicine. In general, Chinese Medicine is quite broad, and cultural practices are incorporated into the TCM.

Chinese Herbs For Hair growth
Chinese Herbs For Hair growth
Chinese Herbs For Hair growth

Chinese Medicine and Hair Treatments

Health and vitality in traditional Chinese Medicine have a holistic approach i.e., illness or other problems such as skin or hair are not merely physical issues but are treated as an overall issue. Thus, in the TMC method energy level, nutrition, lifestyle, and other such factors are looked at to treat any issue faced by an individual. Therefore, both inside and outside factors are looked at and nutrition is also a part of the treatment process. Hair loss treatment in Chinese Medicine relies on herbs that are either taken orally or used as pastes, masks, and oils to boost hair growth and improve hair texture. The idea is to nourish both inside and outside to help with hair restoration. The herbs used in TMC help regulate blood, and metabolism balances hormones, and provide important nutrients that ultimately improve the health of the body and hair. This is quite intuitive as hair loss can occur due to various factors and TMC explores these factors and suggests herbs that will suit an individual.

Although, there is often no scientific evidence if and how these herbs work, clearly these methods are popular and work wonders for many. Whereas hair transplants have proven permanent results and are based on science.  If you happen to experience hair loss and thinning hair, you may want to explore hair transplant along with using these traditional methods. After all, the herbs are good for overall health but only hair transplants will ensure your hair will regenerate permanently.

Chinese Herbs For Hair Growth

Taking herbs could benefit your overall health and if they happen to boost hair growth and vitality, then there is no harm in trying them. Here is a list of a few herbs that are popular in Chinese medicine to treat hair loss.

  • He Shou Wu

He Shou Wu is a herb that is taken as a drink, used as a paste, or taken as a tablet and can benefit hair growth. It is equivalent to Minoxidol.

This herb is mostly used to balance hormones and add nutrients to women.  As evident, hair loss in women and in some men could occur due to an imbalance in hormones therefore, taking Dong quai will help address the hormonal imbalances which in return reduce hair loss and hair thinning concerns. Again, it can be taken as an extract, tea, or supplement.

  • Fo-ti

Fo-ti is a popular herb and tonic that is used to cleanse the blood and improve kidney and liver functions. Mostly it is used to prevent premature grey hair and hair fall.

  • Ginseng

Perhaps the most popular Chinese herb, Ginseng is used to reduce inflammation and enhance body immunity. This improves overall health and blood circulation including to the scalp which as a result is good for hair growth and health. It can be used in a similar way as stated above i.e., in tea, as supplements, used in oils, masks, and pastes.

  • Gotu Kola

This Chinese herb for hair loss is good for reducing stress, improving sleep, and lowering blood pressure. Such changes reduce stresses and lifestyle-related concerns which often are often cause of baldness and hair thinning.

There are many more herbs that are used in teas, taken as supplements, and used as oils, masks, etc to improve the overall health of the body and hair. Again the philosophy behind TCM is to treat the body holistically so that when the inside systems improve i.e., blood circulation, metabolism, organ function, and stress levels, then hair also grows healthy and strong. If you have severe hair loss issues then it is advised to see a hair expert and consult a doctor who can diagnose and suggest a better option for hair loss. In China, leading hair experts are available at the Hair Restoration Hospital who will happily help you in your hair regeneration journey and provide permanent solutions to your hair loss. You can benefit greatly when your hair transplant results in dense hair and you are taking these Chinese Herbs For Hair Growth to further improve your overall health, then nothing can stop you from enjoying healthy strong hair forever.

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