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HRC is committed to providing the latest and innovative approach to restoring hairlines.

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The Hair Restoration Hospital China is a well-established and reputable institution in hair transplant in China and the care industry, having operated for over 20 years with 33 branches located in major cities throughout China. We specialize in addressing various hair problems, including receding hairlines, thinning hair, baldness, eyebrows, beard, and scar treatment, and have assisted over 200,000 clients in China and abroad with excellent results. The hospital chain is committed to utilizing the latest and most innovative hair transplant technology to provide customers with natural-looking and permanent results

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we believe that personalization is key to providing the best health care possible. That’s why we offer personalized treatment and care — that set us apart from other hair transplant clinics. We want everyone who comes here for a hair transplant procedure to feel like individuals, not numbers on a chart. Therefore, we provide hair care services and options after hair transplant procedures because we care about lasting results

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