What is a FUT Hair Transplant?

In recent decades, hair transplant technology and surgical methods have advanced at an exponential rate. FUT hair transplant, which was a major breakthrough in the hair restoration industry, is one of the most commonly used surgical hair transplant methods for extracting grafts for hair restoration. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) involves surgically removing a thin strip of hair from the donor area of the back of the head, where the hair is healthy and strong. Grafts are then extracted from this hair strip, i.e., hair follicles are separated and implanted in the recipient area where hair is needed. Although the procedure leaves a liner scar in the incision area, it is barely visible to the naked eye.

More About FUT

FUT is also known as the strip harvesting method because a thin strip of hair is used to harvest healthy and strong grafts, and it is a reliable method because it ensures natural and dense hair regeneration in the recipient area. FUT is typically recommended for people with dense, thick, and wavy hair because it provides enough hair to extract a strip of hair for transplant. In our practice at Barley, all procedures are planned and carried out under the supervision of an experienced doctor, who first consults with the clients to determine the best course of action for the FUT follicle extraction surgery.