Implanter Pen

Our Hospital is well-known for its Implanter pen hair transplant, which produces seamless and natural results. For its microneedle technique, we have ten national patents. Since its inception in 2006, we have been constantly improving our Implanter pen technology, which is used by our experienced hair experts and technicians across  33 hospitals. Our skilled surgeons have performed over 200,000 procedures and are ready to provide you with the best results possible.

implanter pen hair transplant

Implanter Pen Hair Transplant

Each step is meticulously executed, and a team of 4-6 doctors with years of teamwork experience supervises the procedure at HRC. We guarantee that it has no effect on the natural environment of the scalp. Because the Implanter pen method allows for 360-degree control of the direction, the process results in smaller wounds, less bleeding, and faster recovery. Implanter pen technology is a minimally invasive hair restoration procedure that stimulates hair growth by creating hundreds of microscopic channels in the scalp. Rest assured that our implanter pen method is more advanced and less invasive than traditional hair transplant and hair regeneration procedures.

Implanter pen