Are you worried sick about your balding hair and receding hairline? OR are you one of those who caused permanent damage to your hair and or eyebrows due to over-styling? Or are you someone who is just looking to change how your hair looks without spending tons of money and time? Or you could be transgender and your current hair does not reflect your identity. If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding yes then you are on the right page to explore hair transplant cost in China.  Well, any life-changing decision including getting a hair transplant done can be a very overwhelming process.  There are many factors to consider and often there are tons of options available that make the final decision even more difficult. Which method is most suitable? Where should I get hair restoration surgery done? Is it permanent? How much will it cost? Am I a suitable candidate for a hair transplant and so on? Worry not! We are here to make the process easier and guide you about hair transplants in general and hair transplant cost in China in particular.

Hair loss, Hair Growth Cycle, and Hair transplant:

First things first, if you are considering a hair transplant then you must know some basics about hair loss and hair restoration. Hair loss is a natural process that is part of a part of human hair growth cycle. The human hair growth cycle refers to the three-stage process consisting of anagen (growth), catagen (transition), and telogen (rest) phases. It is a cycle where hair regenerates, then comes the period of rest and shedding. Normally, the resting and shedding period is necessary and hair grows on its own in the hair growth period, but in some people, the shedding period can last longer thus resulting in hair thinning, balding, and receding hairline. Again, the reasons are numerous and vary from one person to another: these include but are not limited to, generic, lifestyle, diet, and medication, etc. if you feel your hair growth is sparse and you are gradually noticing hair thinning, identify the cause. In order to do that, first identify if balding and hair thinning runs in your family or not. Because usually rapid hair loss and thinning are due to genetics and are referred to as androgen alopecia. If this is the case then you must look into hair transplants that provide permanent hair regeneration and a youthful look.  if that is not the case and you have suddenly seen rapid hair loss, then examine what lifestyle changes you have undergone to cause that. This could include, any diet or medication you may be taking. In such a case consult a doctor and see how you can reverse the effects. In other cases, over-styling of hair and eyebrow can cause irreparable damage to hair. Well, in that case, first stop over style and then go for a hair transplant. If you are not sure what the cause is and do not want to spend time figuring it out, don’t worry! At the Hair Restoration Hospital China, you can book a free appointment, in person or online, and let our experienced hair experts diagnose what the cause is and what you should do about it.

Best Hair Transplant in China

The Hair Restoration Hospital in China is an internationally recognized hair transplant hospital with over two decades of hair restoration experience with over 200,000 + clients across the globe. The hospital is a leading chain hospital specializing in invasive and non-invasive hair transplants in China. The hospital provides free consultations where you can let our hair experts conduct scalp tests and hair analyses to see the level of hair loss and hair growth health. These tests help our hair experts suggest customized hair transplants that fit your situation and will attain the desired look you so want. Across many of our hospitals, our doctors carry hair transplants, beard transplants, eyebrow transplants, and scar treatments using the FUE, FUT, and the Implanter Pen method on a daily basis with astounding results. To put simply, FUT, FUE, and Implanter pen methods are surgical procedures that take hair follicles from a part of your head where hair is the healthiest. This is usually the back or side of the head and is referred to as the ‘donor area’ in the hair transplant process.  Once hair follicles are extracted and harvested, the healthy grafts are implanted in the area where you want hair, this is called the ‘recipient area’. A typical surgery lasts for over a few hours and once done you are good to go.

Hair transplant in China and at our Hair Restoration Hospitals is very affordable and the quality is up to global standards. Once you are at our hospitals you will notice the state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology, and highly experienced staff and hair experts who are at your disposal to make your hair transplant journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  That is why we are the best hair transplant in China.

Hair Transplant cost in China

If you are wondering about a Hair Transplant cost in China, relax because the price per surgery for the quality of a hair transplant is unbelievably affordable.  Generally, there is no fixed cost because each hair transplant surgery is unique based on the type of method used, the number of grafts needed, and the hours spent on the surgery. So all processes are customized on an individual basis. Roughly for a standards hair restoration surgery around 3000-4500 grafts are used and could cost around $7000 to $10000. This frankly is nothing when compared to the same type of surgery performed in the US, UK, or Europe. Not only that, but within this price range you can get free accommodation when you come to our hospitals for s hair transplant surgery, we provide free airport pick and drop to our patients and do free follow-ups and scalp wash after 72 hours post-surgery. And throughout the process, our highly skilled and English-speaking staff are available to assist you in any regard. We assure you that in a few months, you will feel completely different with healthy hair.

Hair Transplant cost in China
Hair Transplant in China
Best Hair Transplant in China

So let us transform your looks and life with a hair transplant in China at our Hair Restoration Hospital. All you need to do is book a free consultation, talk to our doctors, and enjoy your time in China.

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