Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations for business and pleasure alike and is truly the centre of all things one can enjoy while in China. It is filled with city scrappers that house the headquarters of the world and China’s top business and service providers, Among them is the Hair Restoration Hospital China, a leading name for hair transplant in Hong Kong that is the answer to all your hair loss concerns. If you are one of those who are currently living or visiting Hong Kong and would want to get a new look, cover that receding hairline, or fill that patchy beard or thin eyebrows, a hair transplant in Hong Kong provides the best and permanent solution to any of your hair problems. Not only that but in a leading practice like the Hair Restoration Hospital China, you can also enjoy other hair treatments that can instantly transform your look and enhance hair growth.  This blog will guide you about getting a hair transplant in Hong Kong, especially at a leading and well-known hospital chain such as the Hair Restoration Hospital China

Hair Transplant in Hong Kong

First of all, if you are looking for a hair transplant and hair treatment in Hong Kong, you need to know a few things about hair loss and the hair restoration process. Hair loss is common and can be fixed with both surgical and non-surgical methods. This depends on the scale of hair loss in an individual. When you visit or consult our hair experts at the Hair Restoration Hospital China, they will do a scalp test to see your hair loss situation. To assess the hair loss situation, the Ludwig hair and Hamilton hair loss scale are used, these are standardized tests used globally to assess hair loss levels based on scientific methods. Once this is determined, our experts will discuss your options based on your hair health situation and your desired look.

Following this consultation, the surgical methods usually involve taking healthy hair follicles and surgically placing them in the affected areas such as receding hair lines, eyebrows, beard, etc. Like elsewhere in our hospitals, a hair transplant in Hong Kong through surgical methods includes FUT, which is called the strip method, FUE, the individual follicle unit extraction method, and of course our popular Implanter Pen method, which is combined with FUE.

Hair Transplant Cost In Hong Kong

Our doctors decide surgery methods based on hair loss degree, state of hair health, and whether or not a desired look is possible. Once it is decided, on the day of surgery, the patient is prepared by administering anesthesia first to numb the area, and a team of highly skilled hair experts performs the hair transplant to get maximum results in the most thorough way possible. After surgery, there are a few instructions that you must follow to benefit from a hair transplant. These are aftercare advice like not washing hair for the first 48 hours, not using hair styling products, avoiding excessive workouts, etc. Following a hair transplant surgery, a follow-up is required where our hair experts will see the progress and after that, you are good to go. Within three to six months, you will see a visible difference and enjoy the new look you so desire!

On the other hand, if during the consultation your doctor suggests you do not need a hair transplant at the moment and hair treatment is a better option then our hospital got you covered. Hair treatments are non-surgical treatments that can enhance both the look and the health of your hair and scalp. These hair treatments include deep scalp cleansing, PRP, hair, and scalp test and based on them special shampoos are given to improve hair texture, growth, and health.  Again, getting a consultation and following through with such treatments is very effective rather than treatment at a salon. Because such hair treatments are developed by our hair experts using research and technology that is advance and medically effective.

Hair Transplant cost in Hong Kong

So, if your hair just needs a boost, do visit us as we are the best. Do not believe us, simply Google search Hair treatment HK and scalp treatment Hong Kong and find us as the top place to get Hair treatment in Hong Kong!

Hair Transplant Cost In Hong Kong

If you are thinking, a hair transplant and a hair treatment are going to be expensive then think no more.  A Hair transplant Hong Kong price is unbelievably good! You may think hair transplants are expensive because, in the US, UK, and Europe, such surgeries usually cost thousands and billions of dollars which to be frank only the rich can afford. You have seen celebrities like Elon Musk donning a new and fuller hairline for allegedly thousands of dollars. The same surgery is performed by our experts for far less at the Hair Restoration Hospital China. In addition to surgery costs, our hair transplant packages include free airport pick and drop, free accommodation, and aftercare products. This is a wonderful offer as this allows you to not only transform your look permanently but also explore a dynamic place like Hong Kong. The point is hair transplant costs in Hong Kong provide you with much more than just a hair transplant surgery- you have a team of highly skilled experts with decades of experience, highly trained staff to help you in the process, and globally recognized surgical methods and practices that set us apart.

Without further ado, come visit us and get a hair transplant in Hong Kong. Our English-speaking staff is happy to welcome and assist you throughout the entire process. Go book that free consultation and get started!

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